AXENT (Shanghai) Industry Co., Ltd.

Company Profile


AXENT Switzerland was founded in Rapperswil, Switzerland, also known as the “Town of Roses”. The region has developed to be one of the birthplaces of modern European sanitary industry. In fact, the first shower toilet was invented here way back in 1957. This is where AXENT began our journey of focusing on our craftsmanship, research and development and adapting the newest in sophisticated technology to become the pioneer in the global bathroom industry.


AXENT’s key to success is a combination of industry knowledge, unrivalled expertise and continuous research into emerging technologies. With 300+ dedicated research and development engineers and over 1,200 employees around the world, AXENT Switzerland is the world’s most innovative and reliable provider of sanitary technology.


Thanks to years of production experience and superior technical competence, AXENT products have won many international product certifications such as CE, EMC, WEEE of Europe, FCC, EGC and UPC of USA, TRA of UAE, CQC of China, OFCA of Hong Kong, and Water Saving Mark of Taiwan.


AXENT is insisting on the philosophy of "Wisdom for Life" and devoting to set new standard of smart bathroom, so to provide users with safe, comfortable and beautiful products with high quality.